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Sermons that do not belong to a particular sermon series.


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7 Churches

The 7 Churches series focuses on the 7 letters to the 7 cities & how today’s church can learn from & apply these messages.


6 videos


The Aftermath series explores the “aftermath of Easter.” That is, the life and times of the early church…what happened following Jesus’ resurrection. What’s next?


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Art Lives Here

The Art Lives Here series explores some of the most famous works of art & their connection to Biblical truth. What does this art do to my faith?


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Videos of our many baptisms throughout the church’s history. These include immersion baptisms as well as sprinkling & baby dedications.


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The Beatitudes series centers around the famous excerpt from the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus shares eight specific times to be happy & rejoice.


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Blind Spots

The Blind Spots series addresses the sins in our lives that we push under the rug, minimize, shrug off, or otherwise dismiss or excuse.


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Christian Atheist

The Christian Atheist series, based upon the book by Craig Groeschel, addresses the problem many Christians face: they believe in God, but [insert excuse here].


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Context Is Everything

The Context Is Everything series shines light into some of the most popular verses & analyzes their true context rather than the assumed meaning.


4 videos

Dealing With Emojis

The Dealing With Emojis series examines Biblically how to cope with your emotions, when to erase them & when to embrace them. How do we use them to allow us to grow & mature as followers of Jesus?